About Lifor

Company Overview

Detraxi™ is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of novel therapies for the well-being of mankind through the preservation of any and every cell in the human body. We are proud that Lifor™ is now being produced and sold under the Detraxi family of products. Our proprietary technology is Non-Toxic, Animal Component Free Nano Carrier, thus removing animal-based components that are deemed unsafe for human use by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). It allows for extended preservation time at room temperature in the harvesting and transportation of human organs (donated tissues) and the storage of cells and tissues at both room temperature and cryopreservation without harm to the recipient. Our technology is liposome based with nutrients added. The unique properties created through the manufacturing process allows the liposome to become a unique nano carrier, while becoming effective at the cellular level, regardless of the composition of the cell, regardless of the application.

Our goal is to enhance preservation of cells, tissues and organs through refrigerated temperature, cryopreservation and room temperature preservation of solid organs, biopsy's and tissue. As more proof of concept studies for various uses involving cells, tissues and organs proceeded, it became obvious that the patented technology has value beyond organ preservation. Our studies have shown that our novel technology:

  • Enhancement of oxygenation in the system.
  • Produces no adverse or allergenic reactions.
  • Our patented liposome complex does not coagulate in the cells and enhances the movement of nutrients.