This is custom Lifor™ is now being produced and sold under the Detraxi™ family of products. We are focused on continuing to develop the science to expand applications from cell and tissue preservation into organ preservation, regenerative medicine and beyond.heading element

We believe that Lifor™ is the preservation solution of the future.

It was invented with a passion for improving organ and tissue preservation.

Through the development of Lifor™, the concept in the forefront of our approach has always been to improve the science and safety of the tissue and grafts. The initial goal was to improve on the other preservation alternatives by providing better nutrients for cell growth and overall improved preservation by nullifying the need to be flushed from the tissue or organ. This original solution was formulated to contain less salts and sugar so not to cause any adverse side effects such as heart or kidney failure when grafting organs. Lifor™ significantly mitigated both warm and cold renal reperfusion injury and affords greater protection from apoptosis. Over time, Lifor™ has gone through significant testing by leaders in the field of Sperm, Tissue, and Organ Preservation. That testing led to the creation of the second version of Lifor™ where the goal was to eliminate the dangerous agents that cause viral contamination and to tissue by freezing or cryopreserving for short term preservation.

The second version of Lifor™ became a true synthetic and
removed all human and animal proteins and growth factors to eliminate all harmful and potentially dangerous allergenic and viral-causing substances that were used in the name of saving organs.

That brings us to the most recent patent-pending version of the solution currently in production. This product now promotes metabolism over a wide range of temperature gradients including room temperature and prevents organ and tissue damage on a cellular level. It also has the capability to reverse harvesting damage. We continue to push the advancement of Lifor™ and the future is yet to be seen. Testing continues in the fields of Cryopreservation, Flow Cytometry, and Long-Term Tissue Transport and we continue to push the research into new therapeutic areas and applications.

The Evolution Of Lifor


Congressional earmark

grant approved


Performed Baboon kidney Study

with United States Naval Group at Water Read Army Hospital


Performed Limb preservation Study

on swine


Changed Lifor

to all protein / sierum free


Began fluid replacement



Compared Lifor to Belzer’s

in a non human primate study


Fluid replacement

First proof of principle study completed


Lifor Improved

New patent filed

The Evolution Of Lifor

Lifor vs. the Alternatives

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